Post Award Compliance Online Tutorial

Post Award Compliance

*Required for Research Administrator Certificate Program

Workshop Description

This workshop provides an overview of the many regulations and compliance concerns pertaining to post award administration to include cost sharing, unallowable charges, effort reporting issues, cost transfers, and more.

If you are participating in this online tutorial as a part of the Virginia Tech Research Administrator Certificate Program you must view all four modules before taking the quiz. You can access the quiz through Scholar.  If you are not already enrolled in the program through Scholar you will need to self-enroll.  Instructions on how to self-enroll as well as other training information is located on our VT Research Administrator Certificate Program web page:

Workshop Assumptions

  • Participants should have some involvement in the administration of research projects

Workshop Objectives

  1. Provide an overview of the regulatory framework for post award compliance with a focus on financial compliance
  2. Inform participants of particular areas of concern and importance in regards to post award compliance to include direct costs vs. indirect costs, effort reporting, cost sharing, and foreign travel
  3. Provide a departmental prospective on post award compliance


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Post-Award Compliance Module 1

Post-Award-Compliance Module 2

Post-Award-Compliance Module 3